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Emanuel A. Troise, Jr. is a prominent leader in the plumbing industry. As a plumber, educator, author and consultant, he shares his experience with many people and organizations throughout the New York City area.
His New York City Plumbing Code Standpipe and Water Rules and New York City Sprinkler Code Multiple Dwelling, Standpipe & Water Rules manuals are the number one resource for more than 90% of NYC Master Plumbers and for institutions such as the New York Port Authority and New York City Housing Authority.

Mr. Troise administers and conducts preparation courses for Part 1 and Part 2 of the NYC Master Plumbers License test, the NYC Master Fire Suppression Sprinkler License test and the NYC Civil Service Plumbers' test.

With his wide range of talent and expertise, Mr. Troise also serves as a consultant on plumbing - providing expert witness testimony in legal cases related to plumbing issues. Please click here for more information.

Here is a brief summary of Mr. Troise's credentials:

Licensed New York City Master Plumber, No. 311 Licensed Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor, No. 248-B New York State Teacher's Certification License, 1979 New York City Teacher of Plumbing License, 1980

Experience: Expert Witness Testimony

Quirk and Bakalor P.C.
  • Expert Witness and Consultant for plumbing Pavelic & Levites P.C.
  • Expert Witness and Consultant for plumbing
New York City Master Plumbers' License Theory Test Preparation Course
  • Owner, Operator, Teacher, 1975-present
    New York City Master Plumbers' License Practical Test Preparation Course
  • Owner, Operator, Teacher, 1985-present
    New York City Fire Suppression Test Preparation Course
  • Owner, Operator, Teacher, 1994-present
    New York City Continuing Education Courses for Licensed Master Plumbers Fire Suppression Piping Contractors
  • Owner, Operator, Teacher, 2005-present
    Plumbers Union Local #1 of Brooklyn and Queens
  • Teacher, 1965-1977
    Plumbers Union Local #371 of Staten Island
  • Teacher, 1971-1972
    Berks Trade School of Brooklyn
  • Teacher, 1969
New York City Department of Buildings
  • Chief Plumbing Inspector, Staten Island, 1981-1982
  • Supervising Plumbing Inspector, Staten Island, 1979-1980, 1981-1989
  • Senior Field Plumbing Inspector, Manhattan, 1989-1994
  • Senior Plumbing Inspector, 1981
  • Plumbing Inspector, 1970-1994
  • Construction Inspector, 1975-1977
  • Corresponding and Recording Secretary, Master Plumbers License Board, 1978-1979
Allied Building Inspectors Local #211
  • Executive Vice-President, 1973-1980
  • Borough Delegate, 1971-1975
Published Works:
  • "The New York City Plumbing Code, Standpipe and Water Rules - Illustrated"
    Author and Publisher, 1979-present
  • "The New York City Sprinkler Code Illustrated"
    Author and Publisher, 1970-present
  • "The New York City Residential Sprinkler Code" Author and Publisher, 2004-present
  • "Plumbers Guide"
    Author and Publisher, 1970-present